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The applications for the Polestar and Upstart Awards are now open!  More
information for the awards can be found at www.islma.org.  Use the
navigation links on the left side of the page to navigate to the individual
award pages.  The deadline for the Polestar
<http://www.islma.org/polestar.htm> Award
<http://www.islma.org/polestar.htm> is September 1st.  The deadline
for the ISLMA/Upstart
Award <http://www.islma.org/upstart.htm> is September 15th.

The *Polestar Award* is given to honor members of the Association who have
made outstanding contributions to school library media programs in
Illinois. The recipient will be honored with this award at the ISLMA Fall
Conference. More information can be found at: www.islma.org/polestar.htm.
The deadline for the Polestar Award is *September 1st*.

The *Upstart Award* is given to recognize annually a school library media
center’s achievement in planning and implementing an innovative or creative
event or service which has made a measurable positive impact on its users.
The award encourages innovation by asking applicants to highlight the way
the library used all of its resources (which may include staff,
administration, faculty, volunteers, and the community) to make this a
successful event or service.  This award is not meant to recognize an
overall library program but a specific event or service that adds to the
success of the overall library program.  The event may be a one-time,
one-day occurrence, or it may take an extended time to complete. A $1000.00
award and a plaque will be given at the ISLMA Fall Conference. More
information can be found at: www.islma.org/upstart.htm. The deadline for
the Upstart Award is *September 15th*.

Please direct any questions to grants-awards at islma.org.
Thank you,

Katherine Hlousek
Emiliano Zapata Academy Librarian
ISLMA Grants & Awards Function Representative
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