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Hi Connie,

It really is easy.

- go to the Back Office Tab

- on the left select Update Patrons

- at Based on, select Global Criteria

- at For Every Patron, select Whose Grade level is

- next to that, type in your highest grade level.  At my school it is 05

- at Change, select Grade Level

- next to that, type in a grade level one higher than your highest grade.  At my school it would be 06

- click on Update and Destiny will move all of the students to the next grade.

- then you can repeat the process for the next lower grade level and so on.

Another way to promote them is to first delete the students who will no longer be at your school.  I would delete all of my current 5th graders and then begin the process of Updating by Global Criteria.

Once all of your students are promoted then you can put them in homerooms.  When I get the class lists, I put their library cards together according to their class.  Then I can take one class of cards go to Update Patrons.

- Based on Barcode list or file

- Change Homeroom, then type the homeroom they are in.  There are other options here.  This is where I put there library day in, also.

- scan in all the barcodes of the students in that class

- click on Update and Destiny will put all of those students in the homeroom you chose.

I hope this helps.

Peggy Burton, Librarian

Williams Elementary School

1709 S. 9th Street

Mattoon, IL 61938


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How do I automatically move students up a grade level from the previous year?
I have them assigned by grade level and homeroom.  I know there is an easy way to do this, but last year I made a mess of it as the software was still really new to me.  Now I am sitting here afraid to start!  Someone who has used Destiny longer than I have . . . HELP!
Thanks in advance,

Connie Workman
Table Grove, IL  61482
cworkman at vit2.org<mailto:cworkman at vit2.org>

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