[ISLMA-Share] Funding Makerspaces - donations from parents?

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Thu Jul 28 12:57:34 CDT 2016

Hi all, 

I was was given a space to try and get a makerspace up and running in my library for the next school year.  I am super excited, however the question has come about asking for donations from parents. (Things like, paper towel rolls, markers, pencils, straws, etc - nothing “tech-y”).

Can any of you share is you have asked for donations from parents for a makerspace?  We are a middle-upper class school district.  If any of you out there are from a similar demographic, and would share if a donation letter has been successful or well-recieved, that would help me make a case to the administration.

Thanks for your help, 
Keri Johnson
kjohnson at d70schools.org
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