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Hi Connie:

I am on a fixed schedule, as well, for K-5 Elementary. I have no aide or high school helper. I have been “pulled” many times out of my library to sub in a regular classroom; when there were no other substitutes available. L  And since library is part of the teacher’s “plan time”, my library students would double-up with the PE class (which had an aide assisting). At the end of the day, I would take the class that I was subbing in, back to library (all packed up and ready to dismiss), and go back to “man” my circulation desk, in case a student needed to check out a book before dismissal.  But any lessons—like keyboarding skills—that I had planned for the day, during library time, would be “scrapped” for that day. L

Laura O’Brien

Elementary Media Assistant

Ben-Gil Elementary

Gillespie, IL


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I'm curious,  how many of you are "subbed" when you miss a day? I'm on fixed schedule at elementary for library classes and technology classes. I also teach a jr high rotation class first hour every day. I am also responsible for the jr/Sr high library with an aide. I am the only "non-classroom" teacher that is not subbed.  (Music,  band/choir, art, PE, half day teachers,  etc. --all subbed.)  My library aide subs many regular classroom part time teachers or when a sub can't be found.  I've been pulled to sub classroom on many occasions, always making up my library classes in my "spare time". I'm just curious how many of you are provided a sub when you are absent.


Connie Workman
Table Grove, IL

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