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I am on a flexible schedule, so I always tell the principal what is
happening in the library for the day I will be gone.  Usually though she
likes to get a sub because she wants the other administrators to realize
having a certified librarian is VERY important to the building.

Kathy Wickline
Unity Junior High Librarian
Tolono, IL
wicklinek at unity.k12.il.us

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> I'm curious,  how many of you are "subbed" when you miss a day? I'm on
> fixed schedule at elementary for library classes and technology classes. I
> also teach a jr high rotation class first hour every day. I am also
> responsible for the jr/Sr high library with an aide. I am the only
> "non-classroom" teacher that is not subbed.  (Music,  band/choir, art, PE,
> half day teachers,  etc. --all subbed.)  My library aide subs many regular
> classroom part time teachers or when a sub can't be found.  I've been
> pulled to sub classroom on many occasions, always making up my library
> classes in my "spare time". I'm just curious how many of you are provided a
> sub when you are absent.
> Connie
> Connie Workman
> Table Grove, IL
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