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I have had one volunteer that I allow to check books in and out, even in my absense,  and while I was there.  But she is the only one and is with me every day. There are still mistakes made however. I think it's odd however, for a principal to dictate that you have to be out of the library though and still allow book checkout. I would try to understand why I have to be out and how well trained these volunteers are. I wouldn't want them to think they were running the library.  
I send home late notices once a quarter with students. I am in an elementary school. 
Hope this helps a little. Good luck!  

Sue Meegan
Calumet City

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> Hello Everyone.  I just got my first position as a school librarian and I am trying to figure out a few things!  I'm in a K-8 building.
> First, questions about parent volunteers.
> 1)  Do they work in the library when you're not there?  For instance, if you need to be in a classroom, are parents running the library in your absence?
> 2)  Do they check-out books to children or does this violate privacy?
> 3)  Do your volunteers catalog books and maintain the library as if they were librarians?
> 4)  Does your administration dictate how you have to use parent volunteers?
> Privacy Questions
> 1)  What do you do to ensure privacy for your students?
> 2)  When you send reminder notices and overdue notices home to parents, is this considered a violation of privacy or is this a common sense kind of thing?
> How many of you are assigned to be in classrooms to co-teach certain classes?
> Now that I have the job, I found out I'll be working in classrooms for seven periods a week and my principal wants parent volunteers to run the library in my absence.  As you can probably guess, I'm a sole librarian in this school.  This seems odd to me, but I'm new to this.  Maybe it's the norm. I'm just looking for some perspective.
> Thanks so much for your knowledge and help in understanding this situation.
> Susan Jeffers
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