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These are the questions I proposed to my admin - we used the blue questions:

Interview Questions



   How do your background, education, and work experiences qualify you for
   the position of library aid?

   What do you see as the role of the library aid and what do you hope to
   bring to the library?

   What strengths and enthusiasms do you bring to the job?

   What qualities do you have that make you uniquely suited for this job?

   What are you looking for in the library aid job?

   How would your references describe you?

   What skills do you have that would be valuable in working with adults
   and students in the library media center?

   Do you have throw pillows on your couch?  Did they come with the couch
   or did you pick them yourself?



   What kind of library attracts students and staff?

   How do you promote reading?

   What is your vision of how the school library fits within the school?

   What do you think is the most important thing an aid can do in the

   School libraries want to be welcoming places for students and teachers.
   What suggestions do you have for creating a positive environment?



   What is library automation?  How do you use an automation system?

   Describe your technology experience.  How do you troubleshoot when there
   is a problem?

   What library specific software and technology have you worked with?



   Name two children’s/young adult books you have recently read and
   demonstrate how you would recommend those books to a student.

   Do you belong to any book clubs?

   How familiar are you with literature for this age group?

   What type of books do you read for your own pleasure?  What are you
   reading right now?



   What is your problem solving method of choice when you encounter
   something you don’t know how to do?

   If you accomplish all the tasks that you thought you would accomplish
   before the entire day is over, what do you do next?

   What would you say would be the most frustrating thing about working
   with students in the library? How would you cope with that?

   Can you think of a situation where you needed to change an established
   procedure so that it worked better or solved a problem?  How did you go
   about implementing the change?

   Explain a situation or a position in which you had a number of tasks to
   accomplish.  What skills were needed to handle frequent interruptions while
   completing multiple tasks?

Student Interaction


   A student comes to the library and wants to read the “Lord of the Rings”
   trilogy.  However, it is way beyond his reading level.  How would you
   handle this situation?

   Part of this position involves supervising students.  If you are alone
   in the library and 6 students come in, some with a pass, some without, and
   they start talking loudly and are clearly off task, what would you do?

   We have student volunteers in the library and it is the aid’s
   responsibility to provide them directions and give them jobs to do.  What
   types of things do you think you could direct them to do?

   Why do you think it is important to learn the names of students?

Custodians vacuum.  Aides dust & wipe tables- how do we address this in
interview Q?

On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 9:25 AM, Email list for the Illinois School Library
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> The questions I use are listed below.  Because the library assistant at
> MCHS is considered part time and does not include benefits, it is difficult
> to keep a library assistant for multiple years.  I have found that the most
> important attributes are how the person works with and feels about
> students.  The procedures and library tasks can be learned, but if the
> person is unhappy working with children then the library falls apart. Hope
> this helps.
> What do you think is valuable about H. S. students?
> Explain your experiences with HS students.
> Why do you want to work in a HS library?
> Describe any library and/or teaching experience that you feel with help
> you with this job.
> What type of atmosphere do you believe a HS library should have?  Noise
> level? Activity level?
> How would you handle discipline?
> Describe your clerical and computer skills?  Explain your most recent
> skills?
> How do you handle working on a variety of projects at one time?
> Describe a situation where you worked as part of a group or team.  What
> role do you usually take in group situations?  What roles do you hope are
> assumed by others?
> Describe  1 or 2 of your most important accomplishments in your life.  Can
> be personal or professional.
> What unique characteristic(s) do you bring to this position?
> What qualifies you to be a library assistant?
> What would be your dream job?
> Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
> Questions?
> Carolyn
> Carolyn Kinsella, District Librarian
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> ckinsella at mchs.net
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> On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 9:05 AM, Email list for the Illinois School
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>> I will be sitting in on interviews for a new library assistant this
>> afternoon, and my principal asked me to ask the library related questions.
>> I've never had to do this before. Are there questions that I should
>> definitely ask? I'd love your input.
>> Stephanie
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