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Good morning, everyone.
Welcome back to you all as we start our new year. I am hoping you all have great suggestions on best platforms to host a digital club. My Ecology club students have conflicting schedules this year and I will not be able to meet with them in person on any regular basis. I thought we could have regular digital interaction and then occasional in-person field trips.

I did look into Google Classroom but we are not a Google school so that would cost me money. I am hoping to find a free platform that allows us all to post links, pictures, upload or embed videos and chat.

Thanks for any advice or tips! Have a great Thrusday.

Kristen Rademacher
Eco Club Director
1 Book 1 Marist Director
Marist High School<http://www.marist.net/academics/arclibrary/>
rademacher.kristen at marist.net<mailto:rademacher.kristen at marist.net%3cmailto:rademacher.kristen at marist.net>

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