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Our teachers either send students with a folder with that information, a
notecard or some other way to keep track. I only check students that are
behaviorally checking out the wrong books on purpose on a regular basis -
and only if a teacher asks me to keep an eye on them (otherwise they get
sent back and get a ticket out of class to do it - which isn't right).

If you are supposed to regulate via administration (I would chat with them
about expectations if it's a big concern, especially restricting student
choice and possibly killing a love of reading...), I suggest putting the
information on a check out card so when they come to check out you can do a
quick check. You might have to focus your first few lessons going over how
to find what they need and how to check before they get to your desk. Maybe
have an incentive - a sticker or something for each time they do it
correctly and then they get a reward after so many stickers.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at kharvey at bn98.org.

Kristen Harvey
Library Media Specialist
Prairie Oak School
Berwyn, IL

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> I have a question regarding the books students check out.  This is my
> second year as a teacher/librarian in a K-5 school library.  The previous
> librarian had a "system" to limit the books students were allowed to check
> out based on their reading level (as determined by Accelerated Reader/STAR
> testing) as well as the type of book, itself.  For example, you must be in
> third grade to check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and in fourth grade to
> get Goosebumps books.  I understand the importance of students checking out
> "just right" and age appropriate material, but this system is a bit
> difficult to manage (particularly with me being new to the position).  It
> is hard to keep track of what books students can/can't check out.  Do other
> school libraries manage which books students check out?  If so, how do you
> do so?  Thank you!
> Stephanie White
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