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Pink apple pie for *Nightbird*.

*Mr. Tim Yoder*

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> Hi all,
> For my Caudill Voting Party, I always serve a dessert that is themed along
> with one of the books.
> I am struggling this year to come up with something yummy.  In the past I
> have done a chocolate fountain with oreos for Slob and an ice cream sundae
> bar for See You at Harry's.
> Any suggestions?  So far I have brownies from Secret Hum of a Daisy with
> sweet tea from Crossover.....
> --
> Sincerely,
> Amy Hamernick
> Teacher Librarian
> Century Jr. High
> @AhamernickCJH
> #CenturyWildcats
> "If we always do what we've always done,
> we will get what we've always got."
> ~Adam Urbanski~
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