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I use an excel spreadsheet.  They scan their ID and a lookup list inserts
their name.  It also time stamps their entry.  We don't do a "sign out" -
they stay until the end of the period.  We are working on converting to a
google form soon.

Annette Mills

School Librarian

Triad High School

703 E. Highway 40

Troy, IL 62294

annette.mills at tcusd2.org


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> Hi Everyone,
> I have question....
> How do you have students check in and out of the library when they come
> during study halls, lunch and advisory?
> Do you use pen and paper passes?  Do you have a scanning system that
> accounts for students?
> Do you pay for that or do you use something free?
> I am having problems with keeping tabs with who is in the apace,
> especially when deans or students with passes to guidance come in.
> Any help would be awesome!
> Dawn Scuderi
> Lemont Hight School #210
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