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Google Arts & Culture
<https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/search?q=holocaust> is a
project they've been working on to allow people to see archived photos and
take tours from museums around the world. They have multiple first hand
accounts in video form.  I just sent this to my 8th grade teachers.

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> Good Afternoon,
> Our 6th graders are starting to read *Number The Stars*, and one of the
> teachers has asked me to suggest short videos or documentaries that she
> could use in class to broaden the students' background knowledge about WWII
> and the Holocaust. I think it's challenging to find age-appropriate
> resources for these topics. Thank you for any suggestions!
> Sheri Schubbe
> Library Media Specialist
> Peotone CUSD 207U
> 708-258-3236 Ext. 1163
> Mrs. Schubbe is reading *Turtles All The Way Down *by John Green.
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