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We use them in my district.  We check them out for a short period of time to students who need them.  Some schools will check them out for the whole semester or year.  I think you actually contract with a wireless provider like Verizon or Sprint.

Cathy Gottlieb
LRC Director
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Naperville Central High School
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Hi everyone,

Does anyone use Kajeet hotspots in their schools?  The latest email from this company says that libraries check them out to students just like books.  The student takes the hotspot home to provide internet access for school assignments.  This is to help address the needs of students with no internet.

I contacted the company but they while they say schools in Illinois use their product, they don't give out a list of schools in Illinois.

Thanks in advance,

Kristine Schauff, Media Specialist
Rock Falls High School
101 - 12th Ave.
Rock Falls, IL 61071
schauffk at rfhs301.org<mailto:schauffk at rfhs301.org>

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