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Hi Jill,
I do the Dash robots here at Joliet Public Library. You would have to buy
more than one set of challenge cards for multiple kids to use them at the
same time, unless you just wanted to photocopy them and make a worksheet.
The cards are set up more for teachers that have a maker space where kids
drop in during their free hour and work mostly on their own. So they
suggest each kid/group has a binder that tracks the missions they have
followed. The cards ONLY use the blockly app, and are set up from super
easy to harder and introduce concepts like variables and loops. The spiral
bound curriculum guide follows the cards exactly and offers just more notes
and insight for the teachers.

I think it is worth it to subscribe to the lesson plans (depending on how
many free ones you've already used) because they follow the structure of
the curriculum and cards and offer some unplugged activities as well. So
far I've exclusively used the bonus ideas I've gotten from the
subscription, and not followed the cards, but this is the first semester we
are testing things out and I plan to use the cards more in the future.

So far I just had the kids do the built in challenges in the other apps
(wonder and path for the younger kids), turn dash into an animal with the
lego hats, and play basketball with the launcher accessory. But I am
running my classes as non-sequential so anyone can come to one and not be
lost because they missed other classes. If you are using them in a
classroom setting with the same kids over and over you may find more use in
them than me.
Hope I answered your questions, this was forwarded to me by someone in the
group so I apologize for not being more prompt with my answers.
Coral Borg
Youth Services Associate
Joliet Public Library
P.S. Be sure to get those black friday deals :D
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