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We can’t win!;)
We do a lot of literacy activities in our makerspace, which is really more of a production studio with a green screen, stop-motion equipment, building materials, and an audio recording station. A few weeks ago 6th grade students came there in groups with their ELA classes and created products (movies, stop-motion animations, etc.) explaining different types of figurative language (similes, metaphors, hyperbole). Students have also made book reviews and summaries in the past in our makerspace. I don’t know if this will help kids read more, but it is a way to connect literacy to makerspaces!

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I have teachers and principals suggesting that students are no longer reading because of our makerspaces in the library and that this has become a problem. Does anyone have makerspaces that tie directly to literature?

PS Trying to appease both ends :)

Amy Bendall
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