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I integrate many reading and informational activities with our Makerspace
(tools) as much as possible. For example, I’ve been reading thematic titles
on Homes and Neighborhoods and have used various tools to enhance/extend
those units. We read “Windows” and used makedo tools to cut windows and
doors out of cardboard boxes. The kids also built homes out of Rigamajig,
Lego, Blocks, Index cards, etc. During a folktale unit, we read various
versions of “Little Red Riding Hood” and programmed the Bee Bots and Blue
Bots to get from Little Red’s house to Grandma’s house with varying levels
of difficulty. Kiddos will design and build pulleys after reading Rapunzel,
as a way to get her out of the tower. With nursery rhymes, we used LEGO to
test a Humpty Dumpty (built out of lego) to see if it would break, and if
so, how we might rebuild/redesign it to hold together. With a weather unit,
kids had to design a storm pattern and program/steer Dash robots through
the storm. We are using a green screen to videotape “weather reporters.” To
discuss nonfiction, I read books on bees and kids programmed bots to travel
to flowers to get pollen and back to the hive to do the “figure 8 dance” to
let other bees know where the flowers are.

I think there are many opportunities to integrate and build on tinkering,
innovating, and reading for information and pleasure. I don’t see them as
mutually exclusive. I do think screen time plays into reading time though.

Christie Chandler-Stahl
Library Media Specialist
Winkelman Elementary School
District 31
Glenview, IL 60026

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> I have teachers and principals suggesting that students are no longer
> reading because of our makerspaces in the library and that this has become
> a problem. Does anyone have makerspaces that tie directly to literature?
> Thanks,
> Amy
> PS Trying to appease both ends :)
> Amy Bendall
> District Library Media Specialist
> Antioch #34
> Antioch, IL
> You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is
> a book. ~ Dr. Seuss
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