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We do a daily broadcast with our 3rd and 4th graders....to start, keep it
simple! We do the Pledge of Allegiance, school pledge, moment of silence,
lunch and daily announcements every day, and end with a joke. then start to
add special features as they get better. We add weather, sports,
curriculum, citizenship, word of the day, etc..whatever they think they
want! My kiddos rotate every 8 weeks or so, which means more kids to train.
We use quicktime broadcast right now, but will be switching to youtube soon.
Good luck! The kids will love it!

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> Hi All,
> This may have been asked before, but I am  completely overwhelmed, haha.
> I have been asked to head a new “A/V-Broadcast-Video Announcement-We’re not
> sure what we are calling it yet” Club.  My principal wants the students to
> do video broadcasts once a week (he originally wanted 1x/day, but I was
> able to negotiate).  I am not sure what I am getting into.  We do not have
> a TV/Broadcasting class.  We don’t even have a full journalism class - our
> journalism teacher just has a “study hall” club.
> What I am asking for is advice.  Do any of you have something similar?  If
> so, what do I need to purchase?  I have a camera, green screen, and some
> lights.  I also have a few mics.  I don’t have software yet, so primarily
> I’m looking for recommendations on what kind to purchase.
> I also am looking to know if you have a similar club or program, who runs
> it?  I’m trying to reach out as much as I can for advice, help, and
> sanity.
> Thanks in advance!
> Lisa Marcum
> Media Specialist
> Plainfield East High School
> lmarcum at psd202.org
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