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Tue Sep 12 14:17:13 CDT 2017

I have a student who told me about a book today that he wants and now that
he described it to me, I think I'd like to read it too! ;)

Here's what the student related to me:

A woman is raising her two daughters and she dies.  The older daughter
assumes responsibility for her sister, but she quickly finds out she's not
able to make ends meet for them.  The older sister ends up working for a
drug dealer delivering packages and when she does so it's always with like
a secret knock on the door or signal to the buyer.  While she's doing this,
she is secretly skimming money off the deals and stashing it away at home.
The drug dealer finds out and sets her up for some form of revenge
(beating?) when she makes her next delivery.  The older sister when she
finally gets back home tells her sister that they're taking that stash of
money and leaving the country.

And that's where he couldn't remember anything more.  Does this sound
familiar to anyone else?

Thanks for the help!

Chuck Atteberry
Springfield Lanphier High School

"Work with the living and bring the dead to life."  -author unknown
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