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Tue Sep 19 11:19:18 CDT 2017

To anyone selling coffee to students in their libraries:
We recently bought a Keurig so that students could buy coffee while they're
in the library, and it's been great! Unfortunately, my assistant and I feel
like we're running out to Sam's or  Wal-Mart every other day for k-cups and
supplies, no matter how much we stock up.
My questions to anyone currently doing this:
1. how much do you charge per cup? We charge $1, but we're not making much
2. where do you purchase k-cups? Our kids drink primarily hot chocolate and
the sweetened cappucino flavors (not much regular coffee). I try to find
them on sale for no more than 50 cents each, but this is getting
Any bright ideas or shared wisdom would be much appreciated! :)

Caroline Fox Anvick
School Librarian
Normal Community High School
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