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Hello All!   I have a SPED teacher asking me for books that have nothing
sad in them.  This is by request of the parent.  The child is in 6th grade
and has autism.  He's incredibly intelligent and will only read
non--fiction. His mom has been trying to get him to read other genres, but
he refuses because he does not like being sad or reading about sad things.
By sad he means death, dying, characters hunting each other down,
descriptive war/killing (even though he likes reading non-fiction about
history and WWII) or anything darkly suspenseful.

Other than some adventure fantasy like *The Emerald Atlas* or *The
Apothecary*, I'm drawing a blank.  He loves history and is quite motivated
by technology.

I do a lot of activities in 6th grade that help students move out of their
reading comfort zone, so I'm sure as the year goes on he will start to find
some fiction he can tolerate.  But for now... HELP!!  😱

Thank you!!

*Amanda Kuzminski*
*Library Media Specialist*
Orland Junior High School
Orland Park, IL

*No trees were destroyed in the sending of this message, but a large number
of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.*
*    - Neil DeGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist*

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