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I have a student who noticed something in the back of the book's family
tree picture.  She asks, "At the back of the book there is Sachiko's family
tree, it has all of her siblings and this one other sibling who was never
talked about and was born after her baby brother Toshi. Her random sister
Etsuko was born (born in 1948) after the bomb hit and is supposedly alive
today. In the story it even says Sachiko is the only one in her family
alive, which on page 106 it states that,"With Mother's death, Sachiko
became her family's only witness to tell their story." The family tree says
Sachiko and Etsuko are still alive, so do you know where this random sister
came from?

Renee Welch
Bednarcik Junior High <https://www.sd308.org/domain/965>
LRC Director

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