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Karin Stefans kstefans at carthage.edu
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When I used to teach 5/6th grade science, we made (or maybe had the
students make?) shake tables. They were sort of like the ones described by
PBS Kids (https://pbskids.org/designsquad/build/seismic-shake-up/), but I
used foam core for the top and bottom pieces and then large dowel rods in
place of the tennis balls. Giant rubber bands for holding large stacks of
paper together worked well.

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> Hi all,
> This is a little outside of the library world, but not totally.
> I am collaborating with my science department to use our KEVA planks to do
> a lesson on seismic activity.  Does anyone have a "shake table" at their
> school?  Where'd you get it?  We can't find many options online.
> Thanks in advance!!
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