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Good morning.
I am wondering about a copyright snag. I have a teacher who has painstakingly created fantastic kids theater scripts based on children's stories that are far more than just a script. They include a whole social justice component and a curriculum. All her curriculum is original and many of the stories she used she chose from open source or creative commons source so she would not run into copy right problems. But a few stories that she really adores are copyright protected. How can she go about getting permission to base her play and curriculum off of a story like Tuff Fluff or Old Turtle? I am looking at author's webpages for contacts but am not sure if she needs to contact the author or the publisher in this case. Any ideas from the collective mind?

She hopes to sell these plays and curriculum to other schools and children's theater schools so she will definitely need permission and to pay whatever fees are associated. Thanks in advance for advice or help.

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