[aisle] Typing apps, sites, products for Elementary

Leslie Compere lccompere at comcast.net
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I have K2 schools – I use (paid) keyboarding without tears for K-1 and Dance Mat typing (free) for 2nd. By 2nd grade my kiddos get bored with keyboarding without tears (lots of mouse practice, not as much keyboarding and doesn’t force using “space” between words until end of 2nd), by 2nd grade they find Dance Mat typing fun (British, Caribbean, Spanish and other accents) and a bigger focus on actually typing with hands on the home row positions…then I also have them do keyboarding tests as I tell them they eventually need to be about 30 wpm to be able to use their brains for thinking about their answers rather than where the keys are (sorry can’t recall where I got 30 wpm but it motivates my kiddos who average about 10 wpm so I’m sticking to it)…


This is the typing test I recommend (Free)



Then when internet working well I also have them use this one (free but slow to load)




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Free site, Dance Mat typing with a British accent 




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My elementary school would like to begin teaching typing.  I am interested in your recommendations for typing apps, sites (both free and paid) and products.


Our school is 1:1 Chromebooks.  Thanks for your help!



Michelle Harris

District Librarian

Heyworth CUSD #4


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