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Demco sells book covering stuff in lots of different styles. Here is what I
use for book jackets:

You can buy them in many different sizes and they also come in rolls so you
can cut them to fit. I found that you mainly only need 9 and 10 inch as
this is what fits most chapter books. You add your labels and barcodes
directly the paper cover and then cover them with the Demco cover. Use the
sticky tabs to make it fit the bottom of the cover and then tape it to the

Another option is to set up an account with a company like Mackin and tell
them how you want your books processed and labeled. They do all the work
and put the protective cover on as well, they even send you the cataloging.
The processing is free and saves you a lot of work but you pay a bit more
for the books. Worth it for me as I am alone in my library and don't have
time for processing tons of books. I mainly use the Demco covering for
those books that are donated or bought from a book fair.

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> Hi,
> 1. I'm looking to find out the best option for covering book jackets. Does
> anyone laminate book jackets? I noticed my public library was doing that,
> so we started trying it. I noticed that the laminate will peel and have
> stretch marks.
> 2. We are constantly having problems with peeling spine (mostly) and
> barcode labels. I'm always printing new labels for peeling ones that look
> dirty and gross. Does anyone have a great idea to prevent this? Do you
> cover the label with a label protector or tape?
> Thanks!!
> Stephanie Kleckner
> Library Media Teacher
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