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Although you know generally where you are going with this I would still ask
students for suggestions. You don't have to use everything they submit but
they will love being part of the process. You'll end up with a lot of the
same words/quotes you would have picked anyway but students will feel

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> Hello!
> We are redesigning my elementary and middle school libraries this summer.
> The firm we are working with has asked about some decoration on the walls.
> Any input would be great!
> At the elementary school library, we are going to put a quote up on the
> wall behind our riser/stadium seats. What would be an awesome quote,
> preferably from an author? The school serves students in grades PK-4.
> At the middle school library, we are looking at 2 things:
> 1 - In the hallway outside the library we will be putting a wall with
> words on it. What are some good ideas for this? Should we just do random
> words that have to do with 21st century libraries? Should the students or
> teachers pick words?
> 2 - Behind the circulation desk, there will be a rectangle with graphics.
> Any suggestions on some graphics to include?
> Thanks!
> Rikki Steinmetz
> Pleasantdale School District
> Burr Ridge
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