[aisle] Tagging iPad Bricks and Cords

Oakley, Judy joakley at quincynotredame.org
Wed May 29 08:49:49 CDT 2019

We have been 1:1 iPads for several years. Our students take home the brick
and cord for charging each night. They keep the brick and cord over the
summer and are responsible for them. We do collect the iPads from each
student on the last day of school for updating, etc. to prepare them with
the apps for the next school year.

Hope that this helps...

Judy Oakley
Quincy Notre Dame High School
Quincy, IL 62301

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> Hi,
> Our district recently went 1:1 with iPads and it has been a complete *disaster
> *as far as collecting cords and cables.
> Instead of insisting that all chargers go home, the district gave the kids
> a choice (oh and did I mention none of it was barcoded or tagged in any way
> that it was school property) so the kids just took each other’s and now we
> are trying to collect them (LOL).
> I know we are not the first school to roll out 1:1 with iPads. How does
> your school handle the brick and cord? Are both pieces tagged? Do they all
> go home? How do they charge them at school?
> Thank you! We definitely need some work and since no one else is trying to
> solve this debacle, I am putting it on myself to solve :☺
> Thanks,
> Amy
> Amy Bendall
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> Antioch, IL
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