[aisle] SLO - librarians exempt?

Robin Jacob robin.jacob at rondoutsd72.org
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I have added in my reflection for PERA that it negatively impacts my teaching because I only see students once a week and most of my time is spent assessing. It took forever to complete because of days off this year. I felt so bad for my classes I was using. They had to do research skills WAY longer than is appropriate or necessary because of PERA.

I would love to know what skills/lessons others do for this. I’ve got to figure out a better way in the future.

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I work in a K-5 building, I don’t give grades and I have to do two SLO’s each school year.  It’s impossible! I only see my classes once a week (if we don’t have any days off) for 30 minutes and that includes my check out time.
My cohort is going to work on making a universal SLO, but for now we are creating assessments on our own.  I’m sorry but it’s a waste of time.  I would still teach Internet safety, but I could spend more time teaching instead of assessing.

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I was told this past school year that I would not have to do it this next school year. I'm hoping that will be true. I'm at Rantoul City Schools, a PreK-8 district.

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It's my sense that many districts around the state have exempted their librarians from the SLO component of the evaluation process. If that would describe your district, please email me off-list. My district has asked that I track down some additional information. Thanks in advance.

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