[aisle] Procedures for lost/damaged books (k-8 buildings)

Pulgar, Christine cpulgar at npd117.net
Fri May 31 09:46:41 CDT 2019

Good morning everyone!

If you have a quick second, could you tell me about your current policy for
lost/damaged books?

Here are some general questions, answer the ones you can and maybe the ones
I haven't asked. :)

Do you (the library) issue the bills?
Do you (the library) collect the money and write receipts?
Does your business office process refunds?
Do you even offer refunds?
How do you handle replacing books out of print? or books that are very old
and cost a lot to replace but you can't justify charging a student full
price for a 20 year old book?

If you don't charge students for lost or damaged books, what do you do?
Does the student "work off" the fine?

We are currently reviewing our process since each of our buildings handles
this differently and we'd like a general idea of what other K-8 districts

Thanks for your help!

Christine Pulgar
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cpulgar at npd117.net

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