[aisle] Suggested Reading Lists -- annotated vs simple list

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If i have time,😊 I try to put in blurbs that I copy and paste from my follett annotated order list....I'll share what I  finish this weekend.  Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S9+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone
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There are so many wonderful lists by publishers, book sellers, reading organizations, and librarians that I don’t create my own lists, I share the lists that
 I like. I have a reading suggestion tab on my website and I frequently add new lists there, as well as links to summer reading incentive programs such as Barnes and Noble, Scholastic, Meatheads, etc.

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I'm in a PreK - 12th grade school.


I am always torn between what kind of reading lists I want to put out.  A basic list with title and author seems so inadequate, but I don't often have the time to write descriptions of the


What do you do?



Happily Ever After,


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