[aisle] Procedures for lost/damaged books (k-8 buildings)

Roxanne Price rrprice at marionunit2.org
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My answers are below.

> Do you (the library) issue the bills?  Yes

> Do you (the library) collect the money and write receipts?  Yes

> Does your business office process refunds? No

> Do you even offer refunds? If the book comes back during the same school
> year.

> How do you handle replacing books out of print? or books that are very old
> and cost a lot to replace but you can't justify charging a student full
> price for a 20 year old book?  I charge the cost if replacement whether I
> replace that particular title or another similar.  It is usually $15-20.
> If you don't charge students for lost or damaged books, what do you do?
> Does the student "work off" the fine?  We have not had students work off
> the fine.

Hope this helps, Roxanne Price

> We are currently reviewing our process since each of our buildings handles
> this differently and we'd like a general idea of what other K-8 districts
> do.
> Thanks for your help!
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