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Peterson, Sharon I. (OV) PETERSONSI at vvsd.org
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Before holding your STEAM assembly (don't forget the A for arts!)  You should have your students learn about biomimicry!

A friend of mine teaches this with her live animals, showing how engineers and scientists can copy animal attributes to solve real world problems, like the Bullet train's sonic boom every time it exited a tunnel.   https://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2012/10/19/how-one-engineers-birdwatching-made-japans-bullet-train-better

She is the Natural Naturalist, an educator for over 20 years working at the Brookfield Zoo.  Her contact information is kiwhite1 at gmail.com<mailto:kiwhite1 at gmail.com>   www.naturalnaturalist.com<http://www.naturalnaturalist.com>  630-240-2337

She is in high demand doing speaking engagements across the state and traveling to other states.

This might inspire your students to create inventions based on the natural world, that you can then show off at your STEAM fair.

I would also suggest seeing if a local college or university's science department sends out their students to do STEAM activities.  Lewis University does this for free in my school district.  You can also contact Commonwealth Edison, and other community organizations that would have a tie in with STEAM.

If you want live animals at your event I can put you in contact with several groups that give live animal conservation presentations.

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Does anyone have recommendations for a K-6 STEM assembly?

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