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SUSAN BOHN sbohn at hononegah.org
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Our school has had an Anime Club with regular attendance for many years. We
do at least one activity per month. Here are some ideas for activities
we've done in the past.  I am not extremely knowledgable about anime/manga,
so I look online for ideas, and the students help plan the activities.
Hope this helps!

ü  Visit a Japanese restaurant, have a platter of Japanese sushi brought to
school so kids can sample something new, or see if you can find someone to
do a sushi demo.

ü  Have drawing lessons and include manga drawing books in your library  (There
are probably students who would lead this activity if you don’t want to
find an artist.)

ü  Visit a Japanese garden.

ü  Arts and Crafts

o   *Bottlecap necklaces*:  Buy supplies on Amazon or go to a craft store
for bottlecaps, epoxy, hooks, and twine/ribbon.

o   *Temporary tattoos and stickers*:  Scan students’ artwork and print it
out as stickers or temporary tattoos.  Shipping labels work great for
stickers.  Papilio laser temporary tattoo paper kit works for tattoos.

o   *Magnets*:  Glue pictures to large glass beads and attach magnet.  All
of these supplies are easy to find at Hobby Lobby/Michaels.

o   *Buttons/Pins*:   If you have a button maker kit in your school,
buttons/pins. http://www.badgeaminit.com/ has supplies.

ü  Chopstick races:  race to move mini marshmallows(easier) or M&Ms
(harder) from one plate to another.

ü  Noodle eating contest:  race to eat one container of Ramen Noodles.

ü  Pocky tasting contest:  Buy unusual flavors of Pocky and have students
taste and guess flavors.

ü  Watch an Anime movie or episodes of a popular show

ü  Bring in a guest speaker who has lived in or visited Japan to share
photos, artifacts and stories.

ü  Make candy sushi:  rice krispie treats, gummy fish, and fruit roll ups.

ü  Cosplay:  Students dress up like the characters from their favorite

ü  AMV (Anime Music Video) contest:  Students create Anime music videos
using software of their choice. There are lots of examples of these on

ü  Trivia:  Play Anime Jeopardy, Anime Scattegories, Anime Taboo, or just
answer trivia questions.  Many questions are available online on various
trivia websites if you don’t want to create your own.

ü  Goldfish scooping:  There are YouTube videos of goldfish scooping at
Japanese festivals.  Either buy the authentic rice paper scoops and use
real fish or modify it for fake fish and nets with holes for more

ü  Put out new manga books for kids to have first pick.

ü  Make chocolate candy in silicone molds (Hello Kitty, etc.)

ü  We partner with Gamer's Club for a gaming day to play video games and
dancing games (or dance with the videos on YouTube)

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> I had my students take a survey, and many of them indicated they would
> like to see this happen in our library.
> We have a section of Manga books, but other than cataloging and processing
> them, I have absolutely no idea about this genre.
> Has anyone done a club and/or event and if so, could you PM me some things
> that helped you do this?
> Also, I would be interested in bringing in a guest for a manga or anime
> event. If anyone has someone they have in mind, I would really like to hear
> what you think.
> Thanks in advance.
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