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You may have more than you think, particularly if you're including challenged books.  Examples would be:

Captain Underparts (encourages poor behavior)
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (illustrations too scary.  Scholastic had a version with different illustrations for a while, but has since gone back to the originals)
Bridge to Terabithia (death)
Drama (Smile series, LGBT character)
The Giver (depressing, eugenics)
Harry Potter (witchcraft)
Hop on Pop (violence against fathers)
Where the Wild Things Are (child abuse because Max is sent to bed without dinner)

Information from ALA or NCBDL.

It's helpful to focus on ones that have kind of dumb challenges, like Hop on Pop or Bridge to Terabithia, because the students react to those reasons as being unreasonable (I once had a very spirited 6th grader look at a Banned Books display (I covered them in bags with the challenge written on the outside and they'd lift them up to see what was underneath) with BtT and remark sarcastically "Yeah, because death NEVER happens to kids!"   I've also used the example of Persepolis and CPS because one complaint from one person (great Chicago Reader article about this, btw) got the book pulled from the curriculum, but it took the combined efforts of student, teacher, and librarian protests to get it put back in.  It's a slippery slope.

Hope that helps!  (And I apologize for my overuse of parentheses today! :))

Katy Spindler
Library Media Center Director
John R. Tibbott Elementary School
Bolingbrook, IL
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Hi All -
I'm looking for some lesson points for introducing banned books to my 3rd -6th graders. Our library is small and not too current. It doesn't have too many banned books to choose from so I borrowed  13 from my library. It's sort of a hodgepodge of a selection. I see kids 2x/week for 30 minutes and was thinking about maybe doing this for two weeks if need be. Ideas include:
Introducing the concept of banning/censorship
Risk vs. Reward (of banning books)
Banned Book Debate (teaching the art of debate first)
First Amendment Lessons (which could lead to conversations about the Constitution)

I feel a bit restrained since I can't lend out these books but don't want kids to miss out on learning that "banning a book is a real thing."

I'd be grateful for your input.

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