[aisle] What book is this?

Sheri Schubbe sschubbe at peotoneschools.org
Tue Sep 24 13:01:01 CDT 2019

Good Afternoon!

One of our elementary teachers remembers reading a book when she was in 4th
grade about a boy who goes into a forest, meets a witch, and gradually
turns into a creature made up of different types of animals. She wants to
read the book to her own child, now, but can't remember the title. Does
this sound familiar to anyone? I've researched a bit, but I'm not
remembering or coming up with anything.

Thanks for your help!

Sheri Schubbe
Library Media Specialist
Peotone CUSD 207U
708-258-3236 Ext. 1163

Mrs. Schubbe is reading *Just Mercy* by Bryan Stevenson.
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