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We are facing a similar problem.  We are looking at doing the battle on a Google doc that will be open for a specified time.  Teams will score as long as at least one person on the team gets the answer correct.  Top scores will be winners.We tried thinking through the Google Meet or Skype but could not come up with a viable option.  The problem is that kids have to be in their own homes and if you want them to collaborate on the answers, then the other team will hear their discussion and be able to "steal" if they get it wrong.You could do a battle with one team at a Meet with you as moderator and just ask them the questions and get a score.   I do not know how many teams you have, we have 14 teams.  That would take a lot of logistics and time.I would love to hear any other ideas.

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 Help!  I need ideas... the teachers are still assigning the kids to read Battle Books.  I bought them all as ebooks.  They are asking how I will have Battle if we don't go back in May.Normally I do 3 rounds of class battles and then 1 final battle with all the winning teams for each grade level.Any ideas how to do this with Google Meet or any other platform?Awaiting your ideas.....

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