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Weatherford, Lura lweatherford at argenta-oreana.org
Sat Apr 18 08:00:10 CDT 2020

Now that we know students will not be returning this school year, our
school has announced plans for parents to come pick up remaining personal
items that have been in student lockers. The administration and janitors
plan to clean out, I believe, then there will be organized time slots for
parents to come . At the same time, books and school property should be
returned. My question is, how should the returned library books be handled?
I know initially discussion involved setting the books aside for a couple
weeks. But now that no one will be returning to the library until August,
may I just shelve them?
Thanks for your thoughts!
Lura Weatherford
Librarian assistant
Argenta-Oreana MS/HS
lweatherford at argenta-oreana.org
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