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I attended a RAILS webinar on Thursday and this was one of the items on the agenda. My take on it was this: no one knows for sure. With the continued misleading and unverifiable information disseminated, there was no one clear plan as to how to clean the books, nor whether or not quarantine will help. 

Since I am a district Librarian in a north central Illinois county, with a total of 18 cases countywide, I thought we should have been proactive in requiring book return. The only thing I am not clear on is how to ask if anyone in the house is sick. If they are, those folks could put the books in a plastic bag, or we could provide the bag, and then leave them that way until more information is known and verifiable. I would love to hear from others! Since my book budget per library is about 1000 a year, I would really like these items back now. 

I believe that the free and reduced population will skyrocket as folks have been laid off or furloughed. Even buying a used copy on Amazon now gives me pause. 

I hope this helps. My school email is kgreen at ocusd.net    

Kathryn Green

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> Now that we know students will not be returning this school year, our school has announced plans for parents to come pick up remaining personal items that have been in student lockers. The administration and janitors plan to clean out, I believe, then there will be organized time slots for parents to come . At the same time, books and school property should be returned. My question is, how should the returned library books be handled? I know initially discussion involved setting the books aside for a couple weeks. But now that no one will be returning to the library until August, may I just shelve them?
> Thanks for your thoughts!
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