[aisle] Contract and Stipend information

Neha Thakkar nehathakkar114 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 09:28:21 CDT 2020

Hi everyone!

Even with all this going on, we are still getting contracts and having
discussions around budgets, etc. I am hoping to convince my admin that I
need a stipend or other compensation for the addition of tech work. Do any
of you get a stipend for this? If you feel comfortable, I really need some
specific numbers (so I know what to ask for and have some research to back
it up), please email me off list: nehathakkar114 at gmail.com. If you have
negotiated flex time, work from home, other scheduling changes, etc, or
anything else that I may not have thought of, please reach out! =)

Thank you all! Stay healthy =)

Neha Thakkar
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