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Do it yourself. I did this last year. Or talk personally with who is in
charge of the workers and give them directions in writing. That may give it
more importance.  I was lucky to have a conscientious head custodian that
knew of the importance to pack and label with a beginning and ending range
by call number, but I took over after the picture book collection was
completed. Granted we were also remodeling shelving so I needed to give
some direction as to where new shelving was to be placed. I did make a
mistake with packing that I would caution you about. I labeled what range
was in each box on the top. Then, when boxes were stacked 4-5 high I
couldn’t tell what was in them without unstacking them. It took FOREVER to
find the correct order of boxes when I reshelved. So, label everything on
the sides of the boxes (2 opposite sides if possible) for easy location. I
also suggest stacking and storing in as much order as possible at least in
general categories (000-200, 300-400, etc., fiction, graphic novels, easy,
etc.) otherwise, when you go to reshelve, you’ll waste precious time
locating things in the correct order. Other workers don’t have anything
invested in this necessity for organization, so that’s why I highly suggest
you be there to help and have it done as efficiently as possible. You’ll
save yourself a lot of headaches later when reshelving. Also, do everything
you can to save your back!

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> We have to move out all of our books for new carpet this summer, and I’m
> pretty terrified of how this is going to work. Anyone have any suggestions
> for keeping the books in order? Maintenance staff will be moving them out
> and in.
> Thanks!
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