[aisle] Moving Books for New Carpet

Mary Jo Matousek mjretired19 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 14:54:38 CDT 2020

Here is what I did,
First Weed! Weed! weed! I know this, maybe difficult at this time.
Color coordinate your library, use colored paper, to put on side of
box(that way you can see them when stacked up. ,  1 color nonfiction,
different color for fiction, etc.
I made a template and then copied on different colored paper so I had
a stack to work with.
Number your boxes,  start numbering over for each section of Library.
Also write (Call Numbers) shelf order for instance. Fic A- Fic  Bea!
Try to pack only one shelf in box, get the smaller moving boxes, if
you can pack books so box,  looks like the shelf.
When they bring books back in,  you Mark the. Section, with the same
colored colored paper so they know where to start.  and where an turns
may be so they can put them back in correct order, and hopefully you
won't have to move any clear across the room to put on correct shelf.
Make sure any helpers understand how to take books out of box,  and
not put them back on shelf by color or size or any other nonsense.
(Yep it happened to me with helpers that moved two other libraries
with no issues)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mary Jo Matousek

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> On Apr 27, 2020, at 6:07 AM, Annie McClellan via AISLE <aisle at list.railslibraries.info> wrote:

> We have to move out all of our books for new carpet this summer, and I’m pretty terrified of how this is going to work. Anyone have any suggestions for keeping the books in order? Maintenance staff will be moving them out and in.
> Thanks!
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