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Mrs. Hamernick ahamernick at orland135.org
Tue Dec 8 08:57:23 CST 2020

Hi all,

Any ideas on how I can do a virtual book pass?  I usually gather books of a
particular genre and pass them around tables for students to preview.

Now I have a teacher wanting to do a book pass, but it's gotta be virtual.
Everything I think of ends up being a "presentation" that the students can
click through without even reading.   I also prefer not to book talk for
this particular activity, as it doesn't lend itself to the follow up that
the teacher does in class.

Thoughts and ideas welcome!

Amy Hamernick
Media Specialist
Apple Teacher
Century Jr. High

"If we always do what we've always done,
we will get what we've always got."
~Adam Urbanski~
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