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Thu Dec 10 12:58:40 CST 2020


A student of ours is doing a semester-long project where she is essentially
digitizing music for the Music teacher and creating a website
where students in Choir can access all the music in one place. Her question
concerns copyrighting: does she have the right to put these music sheets
online? They are, of course, copyrighted, can she just post them, showing
they are copyrighted?

I believe she is planning on making the website available only to our
school's students, but I am not 100% sure. I've asked her.

The student wrote this to me: " I have already asked [the chori teacher] if
she knew the exact details about the licensing guidelines for the sheet
music but to no avail. Would you know if [our school] had a licensing or
copyright agreement with one of the following companies: JW Pepper,
SheetMusicPlus, and Scribd?"

Thank you for any help!

Lori McGreal
Trinity High School librarian
lmcgreal at trinityhs.org
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