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If the school only owns one (or a few) copies of the music and they are
digitizing so that they don't need to buy more, that is definitely a
copyright violation. If they own all the copies, but are just trying to
make them available this way because of the pandemic, that would probably
be legally allowed (but it would be best practice to get permission from
the license holder...) In any case, the digital copies need to be shared in
a way that is NOT freely accessible to anyone on the internet.  So they
will need a password-protected site or Google Classroom...something like
that. These are copyrighted works and should be treated just like a book,
photo, or any other copyrighted work.

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> Hi,
> A student of ours is doing a semester-long project where she is
> essentially digitizing music for the Music teacher and creating a website
> where students in Choir can access all the music in one place. Her question
> concerns copyrighting: does she have the right to put these music sheets
> online? They are, of course, copyrighted, can she just post them, showing
> they are copyrighted?
> I believe she is planning on making the website available only to our
> school's students, but I am not 100% sure. I've asked her.
> The student wrote this to me: " I have already asked [the chori teacher]
> if she knew the exact details about the licensing guidelines for the sheet
> music but to no avail. Would you know if [our school] had a licensing or
> copyright agreement with one of the following companies: JW Pepper,
> SheetMusicPlus, and Scribd?"
> Thank you for any help!
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