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Melissa Lambert loydmeli at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 09:05:37 CST 2020

Hi All,

I am looking for a textbook distribution procedure for our 2nd Trimester.
I  just put all of our textbooks in Resource Manager this summer so
everything is semi-new. In August we were fully remote. We had students
drive up to our gym doors, we pulled their schedule, pulled their books,
checked them out and handed them their books without them getting out of
the car. Students had a specific day and time slot to come pick up their
books.We did this over 4 days.

We are now on a hybrid schedule so I am looking for ways to distribute
textbooks to students in the building. If you already have something in
place could you please share the procedure with me? Here are my hurdles,

   1. I do not have a textbook room so all textbooks are in department book
   rooms but not all teachers know how to checkout.
   2. I will have a textbook room next year so my administrators do not
   want teachers checking out textbooks since they will only have to do it one
   year and to avoid a learning curve.
   3. Maintain social distancing
   4. Get all 900 students (remote and F2F) all of their books in one day.

Thanks for your help!
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