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Carol Naughton cnaughton at d94.org
Mon Nov 16 11:20:31 CST 2020

I just connected our collections about a week ago (they are backlogged, so
it took a while). However, we were already using Sora, so they just had to
allow our students to access the public library collection. I am not sure
how it works if you don't have Sora (Overdrive). The public library
collection is only available in Sora and students cannot see it in our
catalog in Destiny. I would reach out to your public library. It was well
received by ours. There are applications that need to be filled out by them
and by you to make it happen.

You also might want to try buying into the RAILS Consortium ebook
collection. For information on that, you can go here:
https://ereadillinois.com/join. It is a great, low cost way to expand your
electronic collection.

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On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 10:44 AM Ericka Schilling via AISLE <
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> Hey all!
> Has anyone used Sora and Public Library Connect? My district has gone
> remote until December and this is my first year as a librarian here.  We
> are trying to find a district-wide platform to provide remote access to
> digital resources.  This fall I purchased the only ebooks our building has
> and taught students how to access them through Follett, but I have no idea
> how Sora +PLC would work.
> --Is it pricey?
> --How did you reach out to your public library about this? Was it well
> received by your public library?
> --How does one add books to the collection?
> Feeling like such a noob right now. Any suggestions or warnings would be
> gratefully received.
> Thanks
> Ericka Schilling
> Teacher-Librarian
> Carl Sandburg School
> Freeport SD 145
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