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This subject has been discussed endless times on this listserv, I know.
Sadly, I'm the rare (sole?) dinosaur overseeing a school library who hasn't
added e-books and audiobooks... until now ...
We were very thankful to receive the Back to Books grant, which I wrote for
the express purpose of incorporating e-books into our collection. However,
I have *way more questions* than answers at this point. (WISH I'D SAVED the
earlier aisled e-book threads!) I've watched and read many things on the
Follett site, but still am loaded with questions.
*MY MAIN QUESTION:*  Is there anyone out there from a small school that
utilizes Destiny for circulation and chromebooks 1:1 that would be willing
to answer some questions for me?  .... like
1. Do your students have to log in to Destiny to borrow e-books?  (I'm
guessing so.)  If yes, is that something that the IT dept. has to set up
2. I saw convo. re. Sora v. Follett, one being more cumbersome to use.
What's the easiest, favorite e-book distributor?
3. Do you utilize various e-book distributers?
And more!....
Thanks in advance for ANY help offered!....
:) Kathy

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