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I just made an arrangement with our local public library to let students pick up their books there, if they so choose. The library has night and weekend hours for their convenience.

I do all the checking out on my end and the PL simply passes the material over when the student or their family member comes in. Books are returned to school, not to them. We literally hammered out the details yesterday so it hasn’t been used yet but it will give families more flexibility.

Gail Meyer, Librarian
TF South High School, Lansing, IL
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Hi All,
We have a hybrid/in person schedule. However, some of our parents have chosen to keep their kids at home for remote learning. We're working on a way for students to pick up their books curbside. Right now, after students request their book, we've schedule an hour one day a week for parents to swing by and pick up the books. I've learned having only one set hour a week isn't  going to really work.

I suppose we could add a second day with an afternoon time, and kids could choose which time is best. I don't want to put books in the office for parents to pick up; the office is busy enough. Putting the labeled books on a cart outside the entrance would be a possibility. But we run the risk of someone picking up the wrong books or anyone grabbing something off the cart. I know evening is probably easier for parents, but none of us can stay after school hours for this. And again, if we leave the cart outside in the evening, we run into the same issues as above.

Any thoughts? How are you doing book pick up?

Patti Fleser
Library Media Specialist
Deer Path Middle School
Lake Forest, IL

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