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I participated in the Outreach Academy last year as a rural adviser. I have
been advising the yearbook for over a decade, but I still found this FREE
experience hugely helpful. Please pass along if you know someone who
would be interested.

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Outreach Academy, a Journalism Education Association initiative to promote
diversity in the journalism teaching profession, is a training seminar
during the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention.
The program is a free, intensive seminar for media advisers who need help
teaching and advising students in journalism while dealing with issues
surrounding diversity.
Advisers are eligible to apply for the Outreach Academy if they meet both
of the following criteria:
-- have five years or fewer advising experience, and
-- teach in schools traditionally under-represented in JEA membership,
especially low-income, urban and rural schools, or are advisers of color.

We urge qualified applicants to apply.

More information and the application are available on the #NHSJC website.

ALL OF US look forward to seeing all of you Nov. 19-21.

*Joe Humphrey, MJE*
Local Team Leader
Fall 2020 National High School Journalism Convention
joehumphrey96 at gmail.com
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