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Claire Greene cgreene at northbrook28.net
Wed Sep 23 15:49:03 CDT 2020

Hi, everyone!

I'm trying to develop a playbook for teachers in my school to use to
address content written by problematic authors.

My number one priority is finding substantive and meaningful ways to
represent diverse perspectives in the curriculum, but my question is about
addressing the use of works by problematic authors that are already written
into the curriculum.

Specifically, our 6th grade LA curriculum includes work by Roald Dahl, who
many of you will be aware was involved in propagating many disturbing
racist ideas. While the content itself is not problematic, I think it's
hugely important to address the issue of his character in a clear and
concrete way.

Does anyone have any specific lessons or resources that they have already
piloted with students around this theme?

I have already perused the sources below, but I wanted to reach out to you
all as well.

PBS Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching
Teaching Tolerance Guide for Discussing Difficult Topics with Students
and all of the resources included in this epic EdWeek Blog:
15 Classroom Resources for Discussing Racism, Policing, and Protest

Thank you for your insights!
Claire Greene
School Librarian
Northbrook Junior High School
cgreene at northbrook28.net

*Empower Every Learner*
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